Taiga Siberica

About Series

TAIGA SIBERICA LINE contains the most needed products FOR EVERYDAY ROUTINE with scents, that will leave nobody indifferent.

Most products HAVE PROTECTIVE PROPERTIES against negative environmental impact, what makes this line irreplaceable in urban conditions.

Moreover, HAIR TREATMENT AND SHOWER GELS are going in convenient 270 ml bottles, that can be a USEFUL TRAVEL COMPANION.

Its target audience is people who appreciate affordable price and effective beauty care at the same time. 16 of 18 products have Vegan certificate.


Every product from this line is rich in wild and organic plants from Siberian Taiga, such as:

Siberian thyme extract
Siberian pine extract
Wild Siberian juniper extract
Siberian rocket extract
Wild heather extract

Body Care

Hand care

Hair Care

Gift Sets