Natura Siberica is a natural and organic cosmetic based on wild herbs and Siberian plants. The purity of the formula is guaranteed by the European BDIH, ECOCERT, COSMOS and ICEA Cosmetic Certificates.

The products of Natura Siberica do not contain any artificial color or perfume and do not use petroleum products or genetically modified components in the production chain.

Natura Siberica cosmetics products will never be subject to animal testing.

The unique feature of Natura Siberica – extracts from Siberian adaptogenic plants. The group of adaptive plants (i.e., “adaptation”) survived the ice age only due to its unique ability to adapt to the extremely harsh climate conditions in Siberia. To survive duck under severe conditions, these plants concentrated on essential oils and nutrients. This process resulted in the development of rare properties that can improve the overall tone and, in the case of therapy, slow down skin aging.

Principles of production


In the world, there are few places left where natural, freely growing abundant and species-rich vegetation has survived. In order to direct the health and beauty of life energy, we use modern production technology and we are very strictly checking each stage in the production process. Thanks to this, wildlife plants can show maximum potential.

The mission

Natural health cosmetic products prove their worth, we believe in our own products and professional team. The purpose of establishing a factory in Estonia is to provide high-quality production at reasonable prices. The production is made from savage herbs in the local market and in the European Union.


The goal of the factory is to reach people’s minds, bringing them the perception that the use of our high-quality products will provide them with beauty, vitality and well-being. Our goal is to reach out to well-known brands in our stores.