Wild Harvesting

Natura Siberica cosmetics reveals the potential of Siberian plants. In its products, the brand uses plants gathered in natural conditions of their growth. This method of gathering herbs is called Wild Harvesting. This is the same “gathering” of herbs, roots, fruit, which our ancestors have been doing for years. The unique nature of the herbs which have grown uncultivated – in natural conditions of their growth, without outer stimulation, and therefore not contain any harmful substances in the formula – is that such plants have undergone a natural selection – only the most resilient, strong plants, rich in nutrients and active components, survive.

Wild harvesting has a number of requirements: the time of gathering has to be aligned with the time of maximum accumulation of valuable nutritive and biologically active substances in the plant. If gathered prematurely, plant stock absolutely can’t be used for therapeutic purposes. Since ancient times, healers and herbalists, who have been healing people, have been working on the calendar of gathering medicinal herbs. On the same spot, it is recommended to gather leaves every year, roots and root stock -every 2-3 years, and some plants – every 5-6 or more years in order to give nature possibility to accumulate lost reserves.

Another important rule: gathered plant stock should be used as soon as possible and passed to drying or other processing method. The grass, which has stayed in the basket for more than 3-4 hours, sets up, gets self-heated, because after the gathering breathing processes and heat release intensify. Vitamins and other biologically active components get destroyed and loose their useful properties.
That’s why in Natura Siberica it was decided to found an affiliate company “Sibiria Organic” in Khakassia. The locals who work there manually gather wild herbs of Siberia, which are later used in creation of Natura Siberica products. The majority of wild-growing herbs used in manufacture of Natura Siberica cosmetic products, were certified by ICEA as organic (for example, rhodiola rosea, snow cladonia, Siberian geranium, Asian yarrow, Siberian dame’s rocket, Siberian hawksbeard). This is another proof of their amazing useful properties.

In addition, using botanical riches of Siberia, Natura Siberica in its turn carries out social politics: creating new jobs, it helps low-populated indigenous peoples of Siberia.