• Farm On Sakhalin

    Farm On Sakhalin

    The farm is on Sakhalin is located in Anivsky area, near the village Zolotorybnoye. These places are famous for the unique wild nature.

  • Farm On Kamchatka

    Farm On Kamchatka

    Kamchatka is the unique mountain region. The island is distinguished by a landscape originality, severe climate, richness of a plant and animal life. The wild nature of Kamchatka is almost not touched by the human. In total Kamchatka contains about 1200 species of plants – trees, bushes and herbs.

  • Farm in Khakasia

    Farm in Khakasia

    Natura Siberica created in 2013 the first organic farm in Siberia where rare Siberian herbs and flowers are planted. Unsurprisingly, we decided to create the farm in Khakassia when you discover that it is only this unique region where lots of some of rare Siberian herbs grow.

  • Farm On Saaremaa

    Farm On Saaremaa

    The plants of Saaremaa suffer from wild winds and therefore develop special protective properties very useful for cosmetics. That is why we have chosen the wild island open to high winds. In 2014, Eurobio Lab decided to create in Estonia the first unique farm to grow rare plants

  • Farm on Kunashir

    Farm on Kunashir

    Located in the Sea of Okhotsk, Kunashir Island is a unique nature environment where lava volcanoes meet hot mineral springs, and lakes are filled with icy water. Thanks to this distinctive and harsh climate, plants and seaweed growing there have accumulated highly protective active ingredients, and have amazing antioxidant properties.