Oblepikha Siberica Professional

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The product line Oblepikha Siberica Professional was chosen as the basis for the unique and valuable ingredient – Altai Sea Cream. Specialists of Natura Siberica carefully examined several varieties of sea buckthorn from different parts of the world and concluded that the richest and most vital substances of the most important are the Altai sea buckthorn. Due to the harsh climate and severe cold, it has adaptogenic properties that help us maintain beauty. The Altai Sea Cream is one of the best sources of vitamins, essential amino acids and fatty acids omega 3, 6, 9 and rare omega-7, which are our health and beauty care. Altai Sea-buckthorn oil is suitable for body, face and hair care. All products of the Oblepikha Siberica Professional series contain a large amount of Altai Sea-buckthorn oil obtained from hand-picked pickles by cold pressing.

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