Hair Evolution

About Series

Hair Evolution Professional is divided into 6 lines

 For damaged and dull hair:

  • Northern black caviarrestores hair structure, provides elasticity and luxurious shine
  • 7 super amino acidsunique complex for deep recovery
  • Keratin prevents hairbreakage and split ends

  For unruly and curly hair:

  • Сloudberry Oilhelps restore natural shine and protect from environmental influence
  • Ceramidesdeeply penetrate the hair structure and fill voids
  • Camellia PRO-oilsoftens hair for a luxurious shine

For colored hair:

  • Lingonberry PRO-oilnourishes and smoothes hair
  • Active C +restores luxurious shine and strength
  • A.H.A acidscreate invisible protection, prolonging the brightness of hair color

For oily roots and dry ends hair:

  • White clayhas deep cleansing, moisturizing and regenerating properties
  • Organic white birch hydrolateis highly rich in Betulin, known for its powerful antioxidant properties, helps to cleanse scalp and hair without drying out
  • Dead sea mudhelps restore scalp balance and promotes gentle hair care

For weak hair:

  • Siberian ginsengstrengthens roots and reduces hair loss, helping to stimulate hair growth
  • Caffeine stimulatesthe work of hair follicles
  • Arginine stimulatescollagen production, visibly improving hair condition

For dry and brittle hair:

  • Northern deep sea laminariaprovides deep nutrition without weighing down
  • Silk amino acidsmake combing easier and give shine
  • Hyaluronic acidsaturates hair with moisture, smoothes, gives firmness and elasticity

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