Siberian Dwarf Pine

Ingredient Description

One of the most important health benefits of pine essential oil (pinus pumila) is its role in treating various skin problems. It gives you a balanced, smooth, renewed, and shiny skin and can also act as an antioxidant for free radicals which have a negative impact on your skin. Free radicals attack the healthy skin cells and cause them to mutate, resulting in premature aging, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Pine essential oil can combat these negative effects.

Pine essential oil also has a mesmerizing essence and gives a sweet aroma to the cosmetics. It is also used to make perfumes and scented products. Furthermore, pine essential oil can remove lice from the hair, and is widely used as massage and bath oil. That’s why you so commonly see pine oil as a part of soaps and even cleaning products.

Distribution: The range covers the Far East, Eastern Siberia, north-east of Mongolia, north-east of China, northern Japan and Korea, also it grows in the sea bank of the Okhotsk and the Bering Seas, Tatarsk and Pacific coast (the Kurils).