Natura Siberica Northern Collection Review

Another collection from one of my favourite Cruelty Free brands, the Natura Siberica Northern Collection is totally unique. These products are black in colour, and although they seem unusual they are absolutely genius when it comes to skin cleansing products – and they smell epic!

Black Cleansing Butter

“Northern Black Cleansing Butter transforms into a silky cleansing milk when in contact with water, gently and effectively cleansing the face. Charcoal absorbs impurities and cleanses pores, Organic Linen Oil is both nourishing and softening. Organic Oils of Siberian Pine and Altai Sea Buckthorn, combined with Wild Rhodiola Rosea leave skin enviably soft and resilient. Skin is clean and supple, revealing a radiant complexion.”

I LOVE this cleanser. Partly becuase the consistency reminds me of Nutella, but mainly due to the fact is a ridiculously beautiful cleanser. Removing makeup is effortless, and it leaves skin actually feeling hydrated rather than stripped. The Black Cleansing Butter comes with a little spatula to scoop out the product, and I just warm it in my hands and massage over the face – literally all makeup is removed instantly and my skin feels so soft! I use a small dollop (pictured) and this is enough to cleanse my entire face – then remove with a flannel or wash cloth. The scent is on the sweeter side, but still has a slight floral undertone – and I’m pretty sure i can smell a hint of chocolate too…. Either way it is heavenly. Not overly fragranced or perfumed, but enough to entice me to keep randomly smelling it each time I’m around the bathroom!

Northern Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing

“Featuring highly absorbent activated carbon to draw impurities from deep within the skin. Enriched with unique and powerful wild harvested herbs and berries from Northern Siberia. Natura Siberica’s Northern Soap will leave your skin super clean and sparkling.”

Super duper clean and sparkling! I actually leave this cleanser on as a sort of face mask, and you can literally see it working! The Northern Soap comes with a “sponge” as an applicator, and it is brilliant. Damp the sponge, and the product slides out and onto the skin like butter. The sponge does dry like a brick afterwards so it does need to be damp, but this application is fabulous! My skin feels so clean and detoxed after using this, but still soft and hydrated. I follow with the Royal Caviar Collection and these 4 products combined is amazing. A black face cleansing mask may look a little scary if the doorbell rings, but the results are astonishing. My often dull complexion and combination skin looks so radiant and healthy. And for the scent – wow. I actually make excuses to smell this as often as possible. I would say marzipan, but it’s actually sweeter – like a bakewell or a battenburg. It is beyond words – it takes me to a happy place.

There are 6 products in the Northern Collection, all unique in their own way and all pretty affordable. There are products for every skin type (as mentioned I have combination skin that can be sensitive, and tend to have a dull complexion if that is anything to go by), and they’re not just black – there are white options too! (…) Because of their unique formulation and application styles they last for such a long time. As unique and unusual as this collection may be, these products are so addictive.

Just Beautiful!