Rose de Grasse

Ingredient Description

It is the queen of Roses, the most precious of all, also named Rose of May. It is indeed harvested in May on the hills of Grasse. The Rose de May is exclusively cultivated in Grasse and fields are no more than 50 hectares in Grass anymore. It is almost exclusively used for the High Perfumery. The benefits of the Rose de Grasse for the skin and hair are numerous and known for a long time: relieves and soothes sensitive skin, tones down redness, leave skin confortable, minimizes pores and refreshes complexion, helps fight free radicals and gives more resilience against negative impact of environment and pollution, strenghtens the lipid barrier, stimulate fibroblasts and collagen activity which are necessary to skin resilience and elasticity. Stimulates repair of skin cells and helps preserve skin youth, its intoxicating and subtle fragrance is perfect to harmonize mind and to balance emotions.