Ingredient Description

Juniper Siberian (Juniperus Sibirica) cones and needles of red juniper have a wonderful effect on hair – they restore hair structure, make it strong and elastic, bright and shiny. Juniper essential oil has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and deodorizing effects, helps regeneration and fast healing of wounds.
Fruit in the of berries are comprised of grown shells, as conifer cones, that’s why they are called galbuli.
Juniper galbuli contain 40% of glucose, 2.6% of organic acids (malic, acetic, formic acids), coloring substances, up to 2% of essential oil with terpenens, camphene, cadinene, terpineol, borneol, pinene etc.; resins, wax, microelements (manganese, iron, copper, aluminium); in needles – up to 266mg of vitamin C, in bark – up to 8% of tannins.
Juniper scent stimulates blood circulation in brain, thus preventing development of atherosclerosis. Juniper fragrance stimulates and strengthens nervous system, enhances life activity, helps against headaches, stresses, exhaustion, against bronchopulmonary diseases, hypertension, insomnia.

Distribution: in Primorski and Khabarovsk krai, in Siberia.