Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Scotland 2016

Alladale Wilderness Reserve its founder Paul Lister turned into a true wild Paradise. The reserve’s area is more than 9300 hectares. The whole territory is cultivated carefully in order to preserve and restore the natural flora and fauna for future generations. For these purposes, the most advanced approaches are used, including practice of returning plants and animals in the wilderness.

So, here in 2006, for the first time in the 4th century, in Scotland appeared first wild boar, and in the near future Mr. Lister plans to return to the territory of the reserve “big five” – boar, elk, bears, wolves and lynxes. Every year in Alladle are planted over 1000 new plants.

Natura Siberica team is very pleased to have the opportunity to visit this unique place and create together with Alladale new line of cosmetics!