About Series

hair care and body recipes and strength of Siberian rare plants. Products of this line contain oils of Arctic Raspberry, Northern Sea-Buckthorn and Wild Rose, a rare Organic Honey, Ivan-Tea and Snow Cladonia Extracts, Golden Cloudberry and Taiga Ashberry. Since ancient times people of Siberia have appreciated the amazing power of these wild herbs and berries, which help to prolong beauty and health. These plants, accustomed to constant fight for their life in a harsh climate, have a very strong life potential. Thus, the Northern Sea-Buckthorn has extremely high concentration of vitamins and polyphenols and contains 15 times more vitamin C than oranges. Golden Cloudberry or “Royal berry”, as it was called in Old Russia because of its unique properties, has a large number of useful ingredients: fiber, vitamins C, PP, A, E, and a number of group B vitamins.